Spider Control Treatment

Spiders are one of the most feared home invaders. There are more phobias about spiders than any other pest, and understandably so. If you get bitten by the wrong spider - a black widow or a brown recluse - and you have a bad reaction to the venom, you can end up in the hospital. And yes, there have even been some deaths associated with spiders

In order to control spiders, there are several things that are important to know. Don't expect perfection in spider control; they are biologically not very receptive to chemical agents and not very cooperative in picking up pesticides. So just spraying alone is not a great defence against spiders. As you know, spiders are built high off the ground.


If you are having an abundance of spiders in and around your home and want to minimize their presence, then follow these guidelines. The author has divided them into the following four sections:

  •   Outside treatments

  •   Inside treatments

  •   Attic and Crawl space treatment

  •   Miscellaneous treatments of sensitive areas


Spiders which are allowed free access to the sides of your home will more than likely make it inside.

Allowing them to live in a garden, shrub or tree away from the house is acceptable; webs and nests at doorways, lights and windows will almost certainly lead them into your home. To stop this from happening, regular pest control on the outside of the home is necessary. This approach will serve two purposes:

  •   Spider populations will be immediately reduced.

  •   Spiders are less likely to move inside your home.